Originally from a small town near Germany's border with the Netherlands, I have spent most of the last decade in London, with longer stints in Japan and Ireland, and a lot of travel in between. 

Having worked as a freelance translator and writer for 6 years, I'm a language geek, obsessed with food, wine, queer art, vintage dresses and all things green. I try to look behind the facade of each place I visit - this is not the place for marketing drivel and mindless superlatives (I've worked in marketing in a past life, that was enough). 

Like what you're reading and want to get in touch? I think it's a big shame we stopped having meaningful conversations and discussions in spite of all the "communication" social media allows. Email me at queernomadATmailDOTcom !

I'm currently in: Oaxaca/Puebla, Mexico

Next destination: Colombia - Medellin, Cartagena, Bogota

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