a gravestone and sculpture of a fencing champion

Paris, Buenos Aires, Manila, London... I've become an inadvertent fan of visiting cemeteries. Not so much for a pilgrimage to famous people's graves, but for the artworks that many of the gravestones and monuments are in these places.

Lychakiv Cemetery is located a 20 min walk from Lviv's medieval city, walking past the very impressive university campus. The entrance fee was 25 hryvnia, plus 10 hryvnia if you want to take pictures (and trust me, you will want to!). 

Lviv belonged to Poland for a long time, so there are many Polish graves in addition to Ukrainian ones and a large monument in addition to the Ukrainian war monument located there. 

I have to be honest, I was a bit worried how much I would get out of this experience, as I know exactly one of the famous people buried there (Ivan Franko, who, among many other things, translated Shakespeare, Byron, Goethe and Schiller into Ukrainian). However, the pictures will speak for themselves! 

We spent about an hour and a half wandering around - I imagine you can spend much longer if you can actually read Cyrillic. The art was fantastic, much unlike anything else I've seen at "western" cemeteries. I'm not sure if that's due to Soviet, Orthodox or Ukrainian influences or a mix of it all. After a week in Ukraine, I have to admit that this nation has its very own ideas and is incredibly creative in terms of visual art.

Ukrainian flags and colours were everywhere

A lot of gravestones showed people playing harps

The trident is one of the oldest symbols of Ukraine, which hasn't been an independent nation for long, although people have been fighting for independence for centuries

the angel rising above the cemetery and the surrounding hills was simply mesmerizing!

many monuments are surprisingly modern!

actually, only few looked classically orthodox

sleeping beauty

Lady in waiting...

This monument to an archbishop was so big, it reminded me of Chinese style necropoli

some statues were classic in style but used more modern materials

apart from harps, pianos featured heavily, too

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