not every day is a movie set, but we did come across a lot of them in Taipei!
Today is our last day in Taipei, and it feels like we have barely done any "touristing" in the 12 days we have been here. Essentially, we have been working, studying, eating and walking all over town. It's not that Taipei has nothing to do and see - to the contrary - or that the place rubs us the wrong way. Actually, not at all.

We have both been to Taipei before and I love the city - it offers everything that a large Japanese or Korean city does and more, at prices that are almost South East Asia low (except for accommodation - apparently Taipei has some of the priciest property in the region, right up there with Hong Kong).

I was so keen to soak in the hot springs of Beitou, to hike all over Yangmingshan National Park, which is just an hours' bus ride outside the city. To go for long runs at the river side trail.
At 32 degrees and 80 % humidity, followed by slightly cooler days with heavy rain, it somehow just didn't happen.

stumbling across a historical regeneration project with street art
I've been telling myself off for not doing all the wonderful things (seriously people, go to Taiwan!). That I'm a bad traveller and boring and wasting this precious opportunity. But you know what? I've been doing just what most people do, most days. Wake up, eat, work, eat, browse the internet and sleep. Repeat. Sleep in. Walk around, go to the supermarket. Eat at Japanese restaurant chains I am familiar with. Drink lots of tea (if you thought the British like their tea, the Taiwanese take it to a next level. People buy tea from tea vendors and take it to restaurants!).

Today, I woke up with a stomach ache, cancelled a meet up with an old friend (we met last week and will meet again soon in Europe) and the walking tour we were supposed to go on. Today, I'm reading my uni books, nursing cups of herbal tea and reading all the travel blogs. I've been to Taiwan before and I'll be visiting Taiwan again, but apparently I need a break (or maybe I am just hungover from an amazing 6 weeks in Japan?).

Our next stop is Tainan, the historical capital of the country and my favourite place on my last Taiwan trip. I hope it'll manage to get me out of this "slump". But if not? That's ok, too. 

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