While I've cooked on a daily base during the last couple of months, it wasn't anything new or too exciting, because work and uni sucked up all my creative energy. 

During the last week, I finally managed to try a bunch of recipes from my never ending recipe bookmark folder. One of them was this spaghetti dish with mushroom and onion red wine sauce from the Clearspring website.

Clearspring, who offers mainly organic Japanese ingredients like soy sauce, miso paste, tofu, soba noodles, places a big stress on macrobiotic cooking, which is not exactly famous for its intense flavours. But wow, this was amazing, probably due to the generous usage of silver onions. The only change it made it that I used some stock instead of water, and potato starch instead of kuzu (you could also use arrowroot power or cornstarch, practically any thickener will do).

I really wasn't sure if the sauce would thicken and go with the spaghetti, as tagliatelle or wider noodles are usually eaten with this type of sauce, but it was perfect. 

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