Hey there!

I've decided to give this blog a new look and slightly new theme.

Once upon a time, I loved to blog. My first blog was a vegan food blog and even though my pictures were questionable and I barely posted recipes, I loved the interaction and exchange with other bloggers. I liked it because I could share my thoughts, and it wasn't a competition.

As my veganism withered away, so did my blog. Three years ago, when I decided to leave the city, become a full time freelancer and hit the road, I had been inspiredby countless blogs written by long term travellers and location independent entrepreneurs.

Thus, I decided that even though my freelancing gigs had nothing to do with it, I needed a travel blog and descended into the rabbit hole of picture perfect nomadic lifestyles, where many bloggers tell you they live of blogging, when they actually make their living with something entirely different.

I occassionally earn money with travel writing, but this is for clients, not for myself, and the stuff I write usually has a marketing angle. This is not what I want my private blog to be.

To this date, I don't have a business website, a big no-no, right? Yet, I manage to make a decent income fully from working on the internet, all without social media. It's not for a lack of how to use social media - since I was 17, online marketing has played a major role in all my jobs. I've written newsletters and blogged for companies long before any of this was common or even seen as mandatory. As they kept giving me tasks related to it, I guess I can assume that I am good at it, too. I can do social media, but for me, it's a job, not something I enjoy.

It was never my aim to make money with this blog, but I would have liked to grow it into a space where I would have an exchange with other people. However, in the world of travel blogging, this seems rare. There are either those who post every now and then and write about their opinions. They aren't popular. And then there are those who do sponsored everything, write target group oriented posts, promote locations and use pictures that put printed travel sales material to shame.

I'll always be with the first group. I have to admit though that I'm not in love with every place, and there are places that I did not enjoy visiting at all. That's not something that most armchair travellers or even long term travellers like to read about.

You know what? I don't care. I blog because I want to write about things that matter to me, to share both things I like and dislike. I'd also like to blog about other things than travel - I love to write about food and cooking, about culture and art, about crafts, fashion and much more. I've thought about starting a new blog for a while, but then decided that yes, essentially, I am a "queer nomad" in everything I do.

So, whether you are reading this as the first post or have rummaged through or followed the blog for a while, welcome along for the new ride!

Tell me about yourself, and what makes you excited about life! If you blog, why do you do it and what do you love writing about the most?

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