This post is not so much about travel in Japan as about something new Japanese that I've discovered in the past couple of weeks - well, not really "discovered" as in I didn't know it existed, but as in something I really got into myself.

It's January and currently, there's not a lot of travel in my life for a couple of reasons. By "not a lot" I mean that I'll probably spend three months in a row in the UK for the first time... ever ;) This years plan in order to pass the January blues, of which I'm usually a massive sufferer, was to LEARN TO MAKE ALL THE THINGS.

I'm not into DIY unless I can make something I can use (such as food or handmade coconut balm), and even though I'm a very impatient needle crafter, I'm slowly getting somewhere.

So "all the things" are mainly every kind of textile... I re-taught myself how to crochet, went to a knitting workshop (world's worst left handed knitter!) and then went deep down into the underbelly of a world almost unbeknown for me: Pinterest.

Ironically, what I loved most on there is Japanese craft stuff - Japanese crochet patterns for cut animals (amigurumi), knit patterns for the most darling wraps and cardigans I can't begin to wrap my head around, and lots and lots of almost disgustingly cute tiny Japanese embroidery patterns. So I guess I don't manage to pick up any hobby without somehow connecting it to Japan...

Are you into any kind of craft?

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