Back in London, I'm currently living in a flat that is part of a row of Victorian houses that all have gardens (not our flat, though, we're a level up from them), and disheartened to see that nobody seem to use them, even though they must be paying dearly for them.

random house in Osaka, decorated (attacked?) by house plants

In Japan, the situation is similar - except in the remote countryside, it's extremely unusual to have access to a garden. But the Japanese don't let that fact stop them from surrounding themselves with lots of plants. People constantly put potted plants outside their houses and also cram small apartments full of plants. Sure, not everyone, but you'd be surprised how many plants you see outside houses even in downtown Osaka, Kyoto or Tokyo. As soon as someone seems to have just a square metre of dirt to their name, they seem to start a vegetable garden.

I would love to start the potted plants outside trend here in London, but I guess they would be stolen in no time...

small private allotment in Naoshima

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