rice, fish with peas, simmered and steamed veg and some fried fish

Food by itself is, in my book, a completely legit reason to travel to Japan. No matter what your budget, excellent hygiene and food standards mean that it's almost impossible to have a bad meal. Eating out can cost you a fiver or less for a bowl of noodles or a daily lunch special, and if you want to go even cheaper, the convenience store is your taste 24/7 friend. If you want to drop some real money on fine dining, though, the sky is the limit though. 

Somewhere in between is the food available in the basement of virtually every Japanese department stores. It's nicer and fresher than the convenience store meals, and you have a lot more options. Prices for most range between $5-10. If you go in the evening, before the store closes, you can get food up to 50 % reduced, and sometimes even get a little extra for free. 

You will see lots of Japanese picking up their dinner there, too - not only busy people in their 20s and 30s, but fathers, mothers and grandmothers, too! Because it's good and healthy food. Now, why can't 
other countries offer this service? 

Vietnamese-styl fresh spring rolls... some with smoked salmon! 
How about a sushi dinner? This was about $7! 

chirashi sushi - fish scattered on rice

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