I'm not sure if I'll be travelling more or less in 2014... I said I'll do less travel in 2013 but still was on the road for more than 2 months, so we will see how this pans out! I managed to visit five new countries in 2013, which sounds like a good and healthy number to me. These are the places that are high up on my
list for the next year:


Northern Europe and its culture has always been close to my heart! I've tiptoed around Scandinvia, and travelled in the Baltics, Northern Germany and Finland, but for some reason never made it there (in spite of knowing a bunch of amazing Swedes!).

I hope to visit Stockholm, Oslo and Bergen (+ surrounding countryside) especially, but would also be happy to explore more of Finland or visit Denmark or Iceland.


You didn't see that coming, did you? I've heard amazing things about the untouristyness of Romania, and everyone I've met who visited loved it. When my tattoo artist revealed he's from Transsylvania (befitting for a badass metal dude, huh?), I knew fate was tring to tell me something. I have already lost my heart to Southeastern Europe and would love to explore the old towns of Brasov and Sibiu, and am open to exploring castles with or without bluthirsty rulers and brown bears!


Because it's got sun and amazing history and culture and some the most wonderful, smart and soulful people I've ever met! No further explaniation needed.

Northeastern Japan

The last frontier :) They say Hokkaido is Japan's little Alaska... and while I have very little idea of what Alaska is like, I know that I do love the Japanese countryside, even though I usually hate quaint and remote. I've also never been to Tohoku, the part of Japan that was affected by the tsunami and Fukushima nuclear disaster. Much of the area's mystical forests are now gone, but I would like to see what life is like there now, three years after the catastophe (especially as official information, even within Japan, is very vague). Is it dangerous? I don't know, but to be honest, I don't worry about it. Like the Japanese say, "We have to live". I was born during the time of the Tchernobyl incident and neither my generation nor people in the Ukraine or surrounding countries have sprouted a third eye yet. 


Bring on the environmental hazards! If the radiation won't harm me, maybe Beijing's infamous smog will. I've so far managed to avoid Mainland China. I'm sure the country has a lot to offer, but I hear an equal amount of horror stories and am not quite sure I want to support the Chinese government with tourism on top of all the Made in China stuff we all buy, anyway. Beijing, however, is the one place in China I really would love to explore. History, culture and all that!

and maybe... the US East Coast?

Because for over 10 years now, friends ask me to come to NY with them. Yet, the US, like most English-speaking countries, is far far down on my travel list. If I can manage to get a cheap flight, it might happen, though. Amtrak willing, I'd love to travel from Boston to New York to Philadelphia and Washington, DC.

Which places are you planning, dreaming, plotting, wishing to visit in 2014?

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