Winter is about to begin and a visit to my local farmer's market in London shows that local food in the next months is going to be of the stodgy, dreary type, with some imported citrus fruit thrown in. I've been a bit shocked to see many of the food magazines featuring strawberries as part of Christmassy meals. So much for eating according to the seasons, UK...

However, this brought me back to dreaming of one of my new food discoveries in Japan earlier this year. Convenience stores in Japan offer good and cheap food for travellers, but usually the sandwiches are nothing to write home about.

Until I finally tried this strawberry and cream sandwich, which I always thought sounds disgusting... but when I bought it, I wondered why I hadn't tried it before. It's fluffy and creamy and not too sweet! A perfect pick me up on a warm spring afternoon for about £2. I'm considering turning this into a business at Wimbledon next year... but so long, I can only dream of the warm season...

What's the most unusual sandwich you've tried abroad?

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