a view worth the hike!

The Japanese have a saying that people are either "umi" (ocean) or "yama" (mountain) people - much like you'd say someone is a dog or a cat person. To say I'm not a "mountain" person is an understatement. Growing up somewhere completely flat, I have to admit that I was a bit shocked when I first found out that London, outside the city centre, is full of hills. 

However, in Japan, it's a completely different experience: If I read that there's a hiking path somewhere, or a temple with a thousand or more steps to climb, I'll be the first one doing it. Japan's nature is amazing, but also convenient: paths are clearly marked (and if not, there's always someone nearby to show you the way), often paved, and almost always within easy access of a train station. Hell, sometimes there are even "hiking" or walking paths that lead completely around the foot of the mountain! Perfect for city people on mountain day trips!
One thing I haven't done yet it climb mount Fuji, but I guess someday, I'll have to do that, too.
Yet, if it's any other country or continent, you'd have to pay me handsomely to attempt even the gentlest of hikes. 

Are you a mountain or an ocean person?
easily accessible mountains, yay!

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