eeek, even Eros at Piccadilly Circus is ready for Xmas!

There's no way to sugar-coat it: I simply don't do Christmas. Pretending to suddenly love everyone, or even "spend some quiet days with my family, doing nothing", as some people describe the ideal Christmas, is my idea of hell. I just don't do jolly, and even less "blessed" or whatever adjective you can think of for this season. Christmas turns me into a major grumpy cat. It's not even officially winter yet and I wish spring would be here!

Yet, this will be the second Christmas in a row that I'm spending in London, Europe's capital of holiday capitalism and kitsch. I love Londo for its permanent buzz, and 25 December is the only day of the year that things completely come to a halt here (there's no public transport all day!). 

To emphasize the advent misery, from this Saturday, we're going on a trip to Prague and two German cities, mostly to sample the food and drink at the Christmas markets there. It feels weird to travel somewhere that is definitely even more Christmassy and also colder than where you live! On the other hand, I really really do look forward to see some of East Germany (where I've not been before, except East Berlin) and return to Hamburg after almost 20 years!

I had hope to go somewhere warm this Christmas, somewhere that doesn't do Christmas, but it simply didn't fit into plan and budget. What I know if that next year I'll plan my Christmas escape better, and look for flights to somewhere warm early on. 

My favourite Christmas destination was probably Istanbul, but I can imagine any Muslim country to be a good place for Christmas haters... I have spent Christmas in East Asia before and unfortunately, they also "do" Christmas in most places, and that in its most soulless, superficial and purely commercial form. I'm thinking Tunisia or Jordan or Malaysia for next year... 

What would be your favourite Christmas destination?

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