conquering my fear of mountains in 2013
2013 is almost over! Considering that I wanted to "settle down" this year, I still spent more than 2 
months travelling. I visited five new countries, all within Europe, and spent a month in Japan and Korea (which I would love to make a yearly habit!). However, the European explorations have showed me that there is sooo much left to explore on my doorstep.

What else was new in 2013? That I did about half of my travels with my partner, which worked better than expected. I need to admit that I am more of a solo traveller though - it's hard to work on the road, sightsee and spend time with your significant other, and I often felt like I was doing everything half-heartedly.

Another change in 2013 was that I did a lot of travel in my native country, Germany. It's much more exciting and varied than I remembered it, and looking at it through the eyes of a non-German definitely changed my perspective. Travel in Germany is wonderful, but I close with the same as last year: London is where my home & heart are (with Japan as a close contender).

Favourite country 2013

This comes as a big surprise, but it is POLAND! The beautiful and varied cities, the hearty but never greasy food, loads of history and quirky art, but most of all, the amazing, wonderful, jolly, creative, positive people, who don't exactly live in a land of milk and honey, but always seem energetic, try their best and  are utterly soulful.

Favourite city 2013

Krakow! It managed to catapult itself on the place of my 2nd favourite European city. Whether it's ancient history, sleek modernity or alternative culture, the Polish city completely captivates me. Even though the old town is fairly touristy - but luckily, there's no tourist rip off mentality (yet).

Favourite experience 2013

Japan, as always!
There were so many! My favourite, surprising for this low-land dweller, were my trips to the mountains. We hiked around the Ourika valley in Morocco, did a very sporty climb up a lush Bulgarian forest... hiking up Kompira-san, I enjoyed the most serene Japanese temple and one of the best views in the country so far. I'd never thought I'd say this, but hiking in 2013 was amazing!

Best re-discovery

Hamburg, Germany's second biggest city and Europe's major port city! I'm from NW-Germany, but my grandparents and great-grandparents hail from North Germany and the Baltics, and recently I've realised how much these customs and culture have influenced me (for a German, I like my pickled fish, beetroot and dill waaaay too much). Apparently I was conceived in Hamburg, had many relatives there and spent a lot of early childhood summers in the place. The best memory of my childhood is going to the giant Toys'R'us and my uncle buying me all the things, and eating fish rolls and roasted almonds at the harbour fun fair in Hamburg. Twenty years later, the grubby port town has grown into a hyper modern metropolis with a healthy mix of multicultural, German and almost Scandinavian charm. Not too mention there's fish everywhere! I will be back soon!

What were your favourite travel experiences this year? 

an the winner is... Krakow!


  1. I didn't travel too much this year, but this is the one-ish year anniversary when I randomly found your blog. It re-fueled my wanderlust and was a refreshing perspective. Hats off to 2014!

    1. Thank you! I might travel less next year, too. All the best for 2014!


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