view from our apartment... not what I excepted to find in Poland!
The most surprising part of our Poland trip were the last few days we spent in Warsaw. Getting off the train, my first thought was "This looks like Tokyo... and not in a good way!", and my gf also wondered if we had somehow ended up in Asia.

Poland went from Nazi occupation to socialism, and as over 90 % of Warsaw was destroyed in the war, it was rebuilt rapidly in the following decades. The result is a city that looks like Russians tried to build an East Asian city... it's a giant concrete jungle that is incredibly difficult to navigate and not pedestrian-friendly at all.

On top of that, prices were about double of that of the rest of Poland, if not more. We were lucky to have our holiday apartment - eating out here cost about the same as it would in Paris or Munich!

In the last years, efforts have been made to rebuild the old town, were some buildings look amazing now, while others still show damage from the war. Many now feature painstakingly beautiful facades! As soon as you are at the periphery of the old town, though, the concrete jungle starts again.

Overall, I wasn't that thrilled to be there, but a month later, I secretly wish to go back to the ugly skyscrapers and endless shopping malls, to find what's really behind this cold-blooded business city. But yeah, it doesn't Warsaw any prettier... although we did manage to take some nice pics!

the main square in the old town

adding some old world charm

nautical, even far from the Ocean

outside of the Marie Curie museum

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