Why isn't Krakow more popular? I had no expectations for my Poland trip, and we know that that's often the best attitude to have for a trip anywhere.

Eastern (or "Central" Europe, to be more pc) Europe hasn't been "off the beaten track" or "a hidden gem" for well over a decade now, but somehow very few travellers make it to Poland. I really wonder why that is. For European visitors, I can understand that if you live somewhere that has lots of Polish immigrants, it doesn't sound like a glamorous place to visit. And yes, I understand that many parts of Poland are still poor (which doesn't make it less interesting to visit).

Krakow completely blew me away - the architecture, the friendly and open people, the great food, the history, the (by European standard) multiculturality, the many cute, quirky, artsy bits of it. It's fair to say it could easily become my new favourite European city. It's got history, food, culture, art in the right combination, hitting all the right spots for me. It's a big city but not so big you could get lost. We stayed in a tiny studio apartment near the Castle and could easily walk anywhere - the train station, the old town, the Jewish district and even all the way to Oscar Schindler's factory (which is now an amazing museum about life in Krakow under Nazi occupation).

So what is there in Krakow that's so amazing, you wonder?

Well, how about...
The main square and market hall - full of great places to people-watch, and with a little street food square where you can try all kinds of Polish food tucked behind it!

Oh, and a brand new interactive underground museum about the city, including archeological remains of the city, hidden below it!

Krakow castle, from where Polish kings reigned for centuries, with its own fire-spewing dragon!

The Jewish district, with synagogues, heaps of history and tons of small artsy shops, galleries and cafes!

The food and drinks, pretty much anywhere in town - it seemed like you can't go wrong!

hearty Polish food that is well seasoned, not fatty and if you like, very vegetarian-friendly!

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