a new perspective on Japan - and surely there are many others!
There was a point at which I wanted to visit ALL THE PLACES, and preferably ASAP. After a year and a half of full-time travel though, I realised that this attitude meant that I ended up going to a lot of places that I wasn't all that much into.

Yes, I think there's no country that I wouldn't visit, given the chance, but when I go to a destination that I have been interested in for years, I end up enjoying it a thousand times more than when I just point the finger at the map/look for convenient flights and go somewhere. This is also especially true for places that people say that you "MUST" visit. For example, I'm just not into the western part of the Mediterranean, and the happiest feeling I'll have during a trip to Spain or Italy will be "meh" - no matter how many millions of people rave about the place. I love Japan but can do without Tokyo or Kyoto, or in general, pretty much every heavily touristed place. Berlin is no exception (I get pretty angry that people mention Berlin whenever I say I'm from German, at this point). This isn't travel snobbery, and I agree that some places are popular for a reason - but they really tend to do not much for me.

Instead of going to as many places as possible, visiting the trendy places, ticking off the sights, in 2013, I am mainly focussing on going back and exploring the places I've already been to more in-depth, or getting to know different parts of a country I fell in love with at a previous visit. I loved going back to Japan and Korea, as well as going back to Morocco. Next year, I hope to return to Japan again, and revisit Vietnam, too (with some new countries in between). 

For the rest of 2013, I'll have another look at the Balkans, but then will try to get to know some parts of Germany I've never been to before. 

 It doesn't have to be an exciting new destination each time - getting to know a place, the culture, the people, the language, can be equally or even more rewarding. 

Which places would you like to visit again, or get to know better?

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