Which ho would you like today, sir?
Let me be honest: I hadn't been to Hongdae when I went to Seoul before. It's the trendy shopping and clubbing district for Seoul's student and hipster population, and I fit in none of these target groups.

For some reason, I ended up there almost every night during my last trip in Seoul. And I have to stay honest: neither the party scene nor the shopping is for me. I assume there is great alternative and artsy stuff hidden there, but without Korean, and without knowing the 'insiders', there's probably a small chance to get into.

I wonder what makes it western...
However, what Hongdae had to offer was lots of funny English on shop fronts - and I've seen plenty of those in others parts of the world! Nowhere does slightly inappropriate or just severely confusing this well.

P.S: So what is it that you can order in a Ho Bar? I have to disappoint you, it's something not all that saucy... 'Ho' is an abbreviation for 'Hof', which Koreans thing is German for 'pub' (I guess they took it from 'HofbrÀuhaus')  - it's just a regular bar, and a popular chain, too. But still...

'Please, take care of my obesity!'

who needs a Biergarten when you can get a Garten Bier?

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