Even after 10 years of spending most of my time in London, there's still so much that I haven't explored or seen! It makes me cringe a little when I receive couchsurfing requests from people who want to 'do' London in two or three days.

Last weekend, we spontaneously set off to Highgate Cemetery - although I lived a few minutes walk away, I never visited it when I lived in the area!

Highgate Cemetery in North London, a short walk from Archway station on the Northern Line, 10 mins north of Camden Town, is one of London's 'Glorious 7' cemeteries that were built in Victorian times to make space to bury all the people that moved to London looking for work.

Highgate's most famous resident
However, now and then, Highgate has been home of the rich and prestigious and so it was never a place for the 'masses' to be buried. Today, it's mostly famous for Karl Marx' grave, but there are many other famous names you can seek out. However, I enjoyed the stunning architecture and the wildness (the cemetery with its overgrowth it home to many animals, including a rare species of spider that seems to love the egyptian style tombs!).

The cemetery is divided in two parts - the Eastern Part, where you can find Karl Marx, is open to the public to wander around (well, almost - there's a £4 entry charge, as the cemetery is kept up by a non-profit organisation and not the council or government), and the West Cemetery, which is mostly closed to the public. However, it's worth showing up on the weekend for a guided tour of the West cemetery, which holds some of the most impressive architecture! This part of the cemetery was also used to film a number of films. If you love photography, both parts of the cemetery are amazing (although officially, they don't allow 'professional' photographers)!

We spent about 3 hrs there, including our tour, but could easily have spent more time. I was quite surprised that the cemetery is not as 'touristy' as expected - if you're looking for a relaxing experience after a few days of running around London like crazy, this might be the place to go!

(Oh and if you're already sleepless, by the way, google 'Highgate vampire' and see how many spooky stories come up!)

Do you like visiting cemeteries or do you think it's creepy? Do you have a favourite one?

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