"I don't do drugs. I am drugs."
(Salvador Dali)

I love art, but usually am bored by most - performing arts and the art and beauty that lies in everyday objects is much more interesting to me.

However, there's one giant exception, and that is pretty much everything by Salvador Dali. You don't need a degree in art history to understand Dali's works - in fact, it's most fun it you haven't got a clue and go about  interpreting what you see. And even if that still isn't helpful, it's always tremendous fun.

So my main interest for visiting Spain was his 'Theatre-Museum' in Figueres, located about 2 hrs by train from Barcelona (or half an hour from Girona). Buying the ticket online in advance proved to be almost impossible, as did our attempts to buy train tickets - only 2 out of 10 or so vending machines in Barcelona wanted to sell us the right tickets, and then the board didn't even list our train or platform. I've got nerves of steel when it comes to travel usually, but Spain totally messed with my patience.

Still, somehow we managed to make it there. After a stroll through the city market, we found the museum - by the kilometre-long queue in front of it. We used the queuing time for some ice cream (conveniently, shops were located right along the
looking up pays off here!
square). Surprisingly, it wasn't as crowded inside as you would expect from the giant queue (overall, it took us close to 40 minutes until we got in). The museum is a mixture of large art installations, painting and drawings, with a smattering of Dali's sculptures. A lot of the larger installations are actually gadgets - throw in 20 cents to 1 Euro and they will do something!

I was surprised to not see any British or American tourists in the museum - most visitors were French or Spanish, with a few Dutch or Germans thrown in. Figueres is not the tourist trap you would expect, and I regret not spending more time there.

The return train ticket from Barcelona and museum ticket,
cost us about €40 each - a little expensive for a day trip, but definitely worth it if you like Dali. If you're not too much into him, it's still worth if you take in the other sights in Figueres and visit Girona, too.

There's more to see in Figueres - the old citadel, a toy museum and more, but thanks to the whole ticket issue, we didn't have the time as our return flight was at the same night.

Do you have a favourite museum that breaks the norms of what a museum 'should be like'?

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