'Why are you so full of hate?'

This is what a girl I met in Belfast a while ago, one of the few people I found I can hold a conversation with, asked me when we were out the other night.

Indeed, I'm a critical person, and not afraid of saying difficult things. I'm not a girl that suffers fools gladly or will keep her mouth shut for the sake of harmony. But equally, when I love something, I dive into it with my heart and soul.

Yet, the more time I spend here in Belfast, the more I can feel myself becoming petty, hateful, aimless, even making racist remarks at times. In short; all the things I am accusing Belfast people of.

Different places bring out completely different sides of our personalities. I'm good at adapting to a place, but I might be taking it too far, letting places influence me

When I'm in Japan, I'm overly polite, curious, and obscenely productive.
In London, I walk faster, I dress smarter, I speak posher.
South America made me daring, wild, raw.

But isn't this why we go out and travel? To have no future, no past, to just be whoever we choose to be in that moment and let a little part of the place become a part of us? But this should be a life-enhancing experience. If a place isn't adding anything good to your life, get out!

Do you feel like a different person in different places?

P.S.: I'm not a fan of Vice magazine usually, but to get a feeling for the atmosphere of hate in Belfast, their video on the summer bonfires and parades may show the extreme sides, but is spot on regarding many people's attitudes here.

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