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It's officially July - the beginning of festival (matsuri) season in Japan. I won't be there this year, but the pictures of last year's Tenjin Matsuri in Osaka make my heart ache.

Tenjin Matsuri is Osaka's biggest festival, and that means something - the biggest event in Japan's biggest party city!

The weekend of the festival (usually the last weekend of July), there are literally hundreds of food stalls in the Tenjin area near the Tenjin Shrine that initiates the festival that is a mixture of foodie and drinks goodness, perfomances at many temples/shrines in the area, a massive firework and festival barges on the river.

Osaka is a harbour city and has always had an intricate canal system (Venice of the east, bla bla...), so the main attraction - apart from shiny fireworks - are the festival floats that float down the river. The difference between these traditional Japanese boats and Osaka's hyper modern cityscape is breathtaking, and pretty hard to capture in pictures.
children fishing for... jelly? and foreigners in yukata ;)
fancy a live eel on the go?

boats full of shouting, drunk Osakans

old barges, modern Japan

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