To be honest, I'm more of a dog than a cat person. Not because I dislike cats as animals per se, but I think they aren't meant to be pets. Making friends with stray cats, on the other hand, can carry as risk of infection... though when in Japan, probably not. You can see a lot of stray cats all over Japan, even in the cities, that aren't really all that wild - often, the local shrine or temple fees them, gets them neutered and takes care of them in general, but they are free to roam around as they please.

These are some of the cats I we met during our stroll along the Philosopher's Path in Kyoto. They were very friendly, dozing in the shade during a hot and humid Kansai summer day. After seeing so many skinny, injured and mostly tail-less stray cats in South East Asia, these pics give me warm fuzzy feelings!

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