There's this common misconception that Japanese people always wear kimono for special occassions. Anybody who's every worn a full-on kimono can see that that must be a lie, because they are a pain to put on (it usually takes 2 people to help to do it properly), they are hard to move in, and include about 500 layers (well, at least it feels like that).

In Japan, a lot of special occassions are the summer festivals. And Japanese summer is hot and muggy, so instead, people wear yukata, a light cotton kind of kimono. They are very popular with guys of all ages, too!

If you ever stay at a Japanese bath house, onsen, or traditional hotel (often even in business hotels), you will get a yukata to wear after your bath and that people at the very most gallivant around in spa towns. But the real yukatas can be just as pretty and varied as 'regular' kimonos, sans the sweating.

These are some pics I shot all over Osaka last summer - enjoy!

pretty girls, walking surprisingly fast!

ignore the police, just eat

slightly unconventional length for the second girl

bright anime hair, matching fan

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