Buenos Aires has a special place in my heart - it's a vibrant, multicultural city and probably the only place in South America I could imagine living in.

San Telmo is the main tourist quarter of Buenos Aires and features great dining, open air tango and a lot of interesting architecture and street art. However, the biggest highlight is the weekend street market, which runs all the way to the main square.

All kinds of sellers sell antiques, clothes, food and all the popular Argentine/Andean trinkets, yet I found the street performers the most entertaining part of the market:

Actually, I saw this guy in a few places all over town during my stay! He's much less impressive on a picture, since what he did is hold this position for 10 minutes and longer. A great reminder to slow down during your hectic busybody everyday life.

Mini puppet theatres, including music were also very popular and most of the time, refreshingly Tim Burton-esque:

If there was no mate, it wouldn't be Argentina:

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