How has your summer been so far? I'm genuinely confused by my sudden increase of time and am reacting to it by drinking too much coffee ;) 

There was no Japan post yesterday, to be honest because I was sick of sitting in front of a computer. After 3 months in which I had exactly 2 days off, it now looks like I've got some spare time and can actually explore the country I have moved to a month ago!

I started with baby steps, though, because with Irish weather, you never know what you get (most of the time, you get all possible variations of moderate weather in one day). So I went for a walk along the Lagan Towpath, which starts in South Belfast, just south of the end of the Botanic Gardens.

Just a 20 minute walk away from the city centre, you're literally in the middle of nowhere - meadows, bogland, little patches of forest... and myth has it that there even is Belfast's own little stonehenge kind of place, just 2 miles off the paved path. Which meant a total 6 mile walk there from my house. Seems reasonable enough, right?

Guess what... because it had rained everyday before, I couldn't make it there. As in, whenever I tried to get onto the path leading to it, I ended with my face in the mud. And it wasn't because of my overly stylish city girl outfit (I wore actual shoes, something I've barely done in the last year, and jeans. I never wear jeans unless I'm up for some hardcore action) - all kinds of rough-looking wellied Irishmen struggled, too.

Oh yes, lovely Irish summer. Then I got home and the Ryanair website mocked me with this:

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