my passport says I should consider this home
I'm writing this from my mother's house, in a village 3 miles outside the small town in the wild west of Germany that I grew up in. It's a part of the world I avoided for years, because it brought back memories of discrimination, of not being able who I wanted to be, of being ridiculed for dreaming big. Seven years after I left, I can deal with the place. I'm still not thrilled by the small-mindedness of people, the endless, flat and boring countryside, the lack of public transport and the terrible customer service (well that goes for all of Germany), but it's not giving me panic attacks anymore.
aaaarrrr... boring fields!
Yet, it's not what I consider home. Home for me, has been London for many times - it's where I know I'll always have friends, opportunities, the feeling like I'm mostly surrounded of like-minded people (though I know I'm not - this is the feeling London gives me). It's the place that for me, is what I compare every other place in the world against.

For the last two weeks, I've been toying with the idea of moving back (to London! Not Germany, as many folks I met assumed!), but I realised I'm not ready yet.

where I'm going next can have a few more... buildings
Right now, London cannot give me what I need and want. Partially, this is due to the less than thrilling job situation, the generally bad mood due to the depression, current government and the price increases which everyone tries to explain with the nearing Olympic games, but also, because I need somewhere that's a little slower-paced, and much cheaper, to develop my freelancing business and myself without all the pressure of the big smoke. And also, because there are still many other places I want to visit before committing to a permanently settled life again. So, I've decided to spend some months in Northern Ireland - technically still part of the country I reside in, the UK - before the next long-term travelling adventure, or whatever will come after that.

Which place do you consider home, and why?

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  1. this line is great: "It's the place that for me, is what I compare every other place in the world against."

    i don't know how to answer your question. i'm not sure if it's because i don't know or that i'm unwilling to admit the answer.


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