After looking at possible new homes for about two years, I have decided to move somewhere I never really looked at: Belfast, capital of Northern Ireland.

Why? Because it's a city of a size that is easy to navigate on foot, but has everything I need - a thriving theatre and music scene, nice pubs and restaurants, ethnic groceries and health food shops, English (or something like that), cheap accommodation and a Lush shop. I'm not entirely sure about the queer scene, but if I survived Japan, I can survive Belfast, too.

Because I love Ireland (not unconditionally - I know it's not a country of happy people dancing and having music sessions) and have seen way too little of it, yet don't want to bet on the sinking ship that is the Republic of Ireland.

Also, because I am already a UK resident and won't have to change my bank account, tax stuff or university (I'm studying with OU, every now and then).

I'm flying in Saturday next week and am super excited!

So, will this be the end of nomadism? Surely not - as cheap self storage is another great feature of Belfast, and there are plenty of flight to Europe and even New York. I'm not planning to live there for the next 5 years or anything, more like half a year to a year, but we'll see!


  1. i'll never forget the presentation on ireland you took me to in düsseldorf. you were so disappointed in it and after the intermission, we both gave up and sat with our feet on the seats in front of us and just made fun of his southwest german accent.

    the worst part was his presentation of belfast (which i think was the part you were looking forward to the most) and he just showed lots of pictures of dirty children and he kept saying, "the children of belfast" and we were like wtf??

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