Today's post is a short one as I'm back to London this week (wishing I could afford a flight to Japan, but Chile and Argentina have eaten my travel budget).

The one place I miss most in all of Japan is this little ramen stand in the middle of Dotombori, Osaka's most famous main drag filled with lights, takoyaki sellers and buildings with literally hundreds of tiny bars inside.

This is no fancy place - it doesn't even have doors, and it sure isn't Japan's finest dining options (even when it comes to ramen).

But 500 yen, about £4, buys you a giant bowl of ramen, as much additional garlic, spring onions and kimchi as you want to pile on, free water and some of the world's best people watching. I would go here whenever I was a little blue, a little drunk (they're open all night... well at least I've never seen the shop closed), a little anything. This picture is kind of funny because I think it's the only time this street was not full of people - it was a very rainy afternoon.

But even then, there are always the hip kids hanging out a minute up the road at Ebisubashi:

What is your favourite people watching spot in this world?

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