because people are more fun than sand!
I'm sorry for the lack of posts, I'm trying to make my way from Argentina to Peru, via Chile at the moment, and internet - along with access to hot water and ATMs and other basic necessities are patchy in this place that looks more like Cambodia than Chile. San Pedro itself is a horrible tourist trap, with about 300 inhabitants, 500 tourists per day and about 1000 dogs (they also call it San Perro de Atacama). Plus, something about this place has been eating my usual energy and creativity.

There's something I learned over the past weeks, and I'm not ashamed to say it. I grew up in the countryside, but I always was a city girl inside. For the past half year, I tried to push myself and forced myself to get comfortable with a lot of stuff I don't like - hostel dorms, overnight buses, meat, not judging strangers so harshly and being a bit less antisocial. While I couldn't say I'm enjoying any of this, I made it work.

yeah, mountains, rocks, more mountains, sand. seen plenty of it. also, the Andes in the background. seeing them every other day. not too thrilled.
There's one thing I still don't get along with: natural sights. This is a sad one, because I really would like to be able to appreciate the landscapes of Patagonia, or the Iguazu Falls, and whatever else there is. Try as I might, I can't. After five minutes, I get bored, and if I have to spend more than a night in the middle of nowhere, I get suicidal (maybe it's a serious trauma as it reminds me too much of being a teenager being stuck in a place with absolutely nothing to do?).

If it's a small village and it has people, like many of my trips in rural Vietnam, Korea or Japan, I can enjoy it. But vast landscapes inhabitated by no one (or only tourists)? Boring - I mean, what can you see that you can't see on a postcard, anyway?

there. went. smiled. can we go now?
I'm a city girl, a museum girl, an architecture girl, an organic farm girl, sometimes even a eating basic food in a hut  in the middle of the jungle girl, or cruising along the river watching people at the banks going about their daily lives girl. If something's man-made, I can find joy in it, and I can appreciate the nature around it. I don't mind getting dirty, or having cold bucket showers, or not wearing make up - just saying, because it sounds like I'm a sissy. I can rough it and will not complain (well, as long as there is internet).

But staring into the desert/down from a mountain/onto a lake? Not for me, and I'm not wasting any more time and money on trying to convince myself that I might, maybe, like it.

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