Sukhothai, the Kyoto of Thailand (I'm lacking an Ayutthaya pic) ?
On the road, have you ever found yourself comparing people and places you have seen and been to before?

I guess it's a very natural thing for humans to look for familiar things when in unfamiliar surroundings.

Hoi An, Kyoto of Vietnam?

Buenos Aires, Paris of the South?
Melaka, Venice of the East? (actually, that's pretty close, historically)
Especially when I'm on my own, I keep noticing that this and that person I see on the street looks so much like someone I know - and equally, we all have heard expressions like the "Paris of the South" and "The Venice of the East". I do it all the time, saying that Valparaiso is much like a "mixture of Lisbon and Marseilles", and I definitely feel that Cordoba is the "Duisburg of Argentina". I don't mind making this comparisons, although for professional travel writing, they can get very annoying - just about any Asian city that has a river gets labeled "Venice of the East".  Anything Asian with old buildings can be "The Kyoto of". Any shabby industrial town can be "the Manchester of".
Tainan - Kyoto of Taiwan?

As commentors on the same topic for this article have noted, there is just one place that bears any comparison - I haven't yet found a place that I would call "the London of anywhere" - London is pretty unique.

Although I do think Buenos Aires is a bit like a Latin version of a mixture of Paris and London ;) And undoubtedly, Singapore is like the utopian/dystopian version of London. But just the London of X? Nah.

Busan, eeerm... Manchester of South Korea?

These comparisons are used in writing to give people an idea of the vibe or historical and/or economical role of a place, but shouldn't be taken too seriously. I just randomly selected some pictures to draw comparisons, but could easily do it for a hundred more. The truth is, no two places are the same, but for someone who has never been, such a comparison can be quite helpful.

What are your favourite comparisons, or the silliest you have come across? 
Manila - Bangkok's Evil sister?

ye olde English mansions of Singapore

only Osaka manages to be both the Manchester and Venice of Japan!

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