Yesterday I arrived in Buenos Aires, but the city greeted me with a thunderstorm and rain that wouldn't stop all day. So, I stayed in, worked hung out on Facebook and finished reading everything readable I had. So my first mission today was to find a new book. Bookshops in South America are easy to find, but unlike in Europe (and even Asia - that is, except for Japan), there aren't all that many international bookshops. For about 8,000 miles from Mexico to the tip of Patagonia, everybody speaks Spanish. I kind of speak Spanish, but my reading level is around that of a 13 year old, and I already have read Harry Potter in way too many languages (I gave up - it's crap in all of them).

So I started looking online for English bookshops in Buenos Aires and discovered that there are all in the posh areas that are not accessible by Subte (metro) - I didn't have a guide book or map either, so I don't really feel comfortable bussing it in BA yet.

you can even read in the boxes!
Then I might as well look for the biggest bookshop downtown, surely, they must have an English section. Well, it turns out that they did, but it mostly consisted of Twilight and a whole lot of chicklit, with a single sad Salman Rushdie book I had already red. But instead, I discovered something else - the fact that the most amazing bookstore in Buenos Aires used to be a theatre. I was impressed by the famous Livreria Lello in Porto, but El Ateneo takes the cake. I love theatre, and books, and this place combines both. How much cooler does it get?

So, as the English book selection wasn't all that great (sometimes, I would find an English or even French book mixed with the regular Spanish ones - but the staff revealed to me that the vampire/romancy section IS the actual English section),
I just bought a city map and some postcards and sat down... on stage! Which they turned into a cafĂ©, with free wi-fi. I can see myself going back to work in there.  

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