I've spent the last two days in the Miraflores district of Lima, doing essentially nothing. It's so upscale I dare not compare it to any other places but maybe some posh German and Swiss cities. I had overpriced fancy raw food, drank lots of sugary Inca Kola to compensate the healthyness, and generally walked around Miraflores, feeling like this is not the place for me to be – too clean, too safe, too boring. Even the street art is not real, but obviously commissioned art. The guide book promised an amazing art scene and what I got was a teenage goth hangout and a handful of galleries selling llama paintings. I went to the Pacific coast which is just 4 blocks down from the guest house and guess what – they put a painfully groomed park with perfectly cut grass, sculptures and concrete on the beach! It's all beautiful, yes, but oh so fucking boring. It feels like a Latin version of Munich. So, I'm leaving for Pisco today, hoping to see some „real“ parts of Lima and Peru in between.

Maybe I'm asking too much of myself. Over the past two weeks, I have taken a total of eight flights, spanning over 20.000 km and three continents. For ten nights, I didn't get more than 5 hours sleep each night. I feel exhausted and honestly, I don't really know what I'm doing here. I was excited to meet a whole new bunch of travellers, not of the Beer Lao downing, sunburnt SE Asia traveller type but those who have been all over Latin America and give me the much needed first hand advice pretty much all guide books and websites are lacking.

What I got instead was a bunch of Germans from the same rural part that I am from on their first ever trip outside Europe with helpful advice such as „You have to negotiate the taxi fare“ (wow, you are so experienced, thanks for the great help!).
In general, the guest house I'm staying at has discouraged me a lot. It's got high ratings and if this is the best you can get in this country, I don't want to see the rest. To be fair, the location and facilities are pretty good, but that's it. First I had to wait 2 hours for my airport pick up, then upon arrival was told by the guy at reception „Travelling alone sucks, and women cannot do it here!“ (this was not due to language difficulties, he was American). The next day the doorbell broke and I spent half an hour waiting outside (when I was very happy that this is a VERY safe neighbourhood). As before, not a word of apology from the staff, which left me in a situation of embarrassment and made ME apologize due to the British-Japanese conditioning I have been exposed to („I am so sorry you had to pick me up from the airport for only $20!“ and „Please accept my apologies for wanting to enter the house where I have paid for a room at 5pm!“). Asking what's the best way to get a cab here (I've been cautioned against just hailing one), they told me „Just get into any you can find“. Meh.
(Oh, and just as I am writing this, one guy came up to my room to ask me where the laundry was that they did 2 days ago... well I took it down myself as they couldn't be bothered to take it down. But hey, he said sorry!)

I desperately want to settle down somewhere for a week or two, but because of my inner German that screams „But you have to stick to your plans!“ in my mind, that might not happen until I reach Santiago de Chile in a week and a half or so. Do you think I can tell the inner German to fuck off?

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