I'm an old punk and hardcore kid, but when I travel, I fall back to cheesy classic Rock (basically all Bon Jovi albums before 1995, and the Springsteen's classic 'Born to run'). I love theatre and live music, so I also try to pick up local music or try to see a local band live whenever I travel.

The soundtrack to my summer 2011 is Shonen Knife, one of Japan's oldest girl-rock bands – you might know there are a lot of weird Japanese bands and often, singers are not talented at all (ironically, the are know as 'talents' in Japan – the talent is to be cute, look good and advertise lots of shit). Shonen Knife is different and combine classical rock covers (the current album, The Osaka Ramones, is a collection of Ramones covers) and fun, catchy road-trip music perfect for long train or bus rides along Japan. One of the songs I can't get out of their head is 'Do you happen to know?', a song about how after I flight from London Heathrow to Kansai airport (my route to Japan!), the protagonist lost her guitar. Overall, I can recommend their album „Free Time“, with many of the lyrics being in (understandable, yet not deep) English.

Another favourite song on this album is „Monster Jellyfish“ which reminds me of a visit to Osaka Aquarium and my unreasonable fear of... jellyfish, and their wonderfully nonsensical 'Capybara'. If you don't know, capybara are the biggest rodents and originate from South America. They look like giant, long-legged guinea pigs and awesome. So I guess they deserved a song of their own! 

This is my (belated, thank you, crappy Malaysian internet connection) contribution to BootnAll's 30 Days of Indie Travel project, Day 3 - Music

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